Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I knew someone who once said I was so quiet because my brother and Amanda stole the words from my mouth as we grew up together.I always have been the quiet one, and not much has really changed on Amanda being the loud one. It is just the way things have been, and I am sure, the way things will always be.

The other day I was thinking, and I have a lot more to say than I let others believe. Very few people really even know the real me, what I stand for and believe, and even my basic personality. There are even those that I spend time with weekly who know very little because of my lack of words.

I understand that speaking is something I must "concur", but I also feel that my silence at times speaks louder than words ever could. Amanda clearly has a gift for speaking, and I think that if I were to be a great speaker, that God would have equipped me with the same.

Many times even this week I have been told that I need to practice speaking more and to even do speaking exercises to cut down on my stutter. Little do people know, I am okay with my stutter and lack of speech. I am comfortable being the way I am because I have a peace that tells me it is this way for a reason. If I were to take things into my own hands and freak out because I can't always clearly voice my opinion, I could very likely be walking all over what has been planned for this stutter and I.

Being quiet allows me to listen.

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אמונה said...

Brilliant little mouse. :)