Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't Kill It Before It's Begun

So many times we have a set idea about something or someone and we rarely go into a situation with an open mind. Although it is nice, and smart, to use discernment, having and open mind(without compromising your standards) allows you to see the best in things.

I am honestly completely guilty of waking up and dooming the day, with my words, before it has even started! This is something I am actually going to work on--a lot. Because I am tired of having bad days just because I feel like it should be a bad day!

Example: last night before I went to bed, I told one of my friends that this was going to be a rough day for me, but because I woke up all cheery and positive, today has been completely wonderful. (:

So this rant is encouraging you to make the best of a day, situation, person, etc. Be all that you can be, and make your surroundings the best they possibly can. (:

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