Monday, May 31, 2010

It's my birthday! (probably up by the time this is written)

So I have been intending to blog ALL day but there have been so many surprises for my wonderful 17th birthday. To begin with, my best friend who just moved for college surprised me this morning. I am was almost in tears, I have missed her like crazy. It was the best surprise ever. On top of that loveliness all of my friends at church were super cool and gave me a card and made me feel special. lol. Also, I had an amazing dinner with my family; I haven't smiled this much in SO long. It felt really good to finally have a day where I haven't worried about anything, a day where I just knew that everything would turn out; a day to be me. So, I just wanted to fill you guys in on how awesome this birthday has been, and it has been the best.

And now we have finished Dear John and are having the crying conversations. lol. So this is the end of my seventeenth birthday, and I am sure that so much more will change before my next. (:

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