Thursday, May 6, 2010

We need a change.

Everyone goes through something at some point, whether it be drugs, alcohol, self-confidence problems, whatever--we all go through it. The funny thing is, we hide these things we go through from everyone, including the people that are suppose to help us the most. The church is meant to be a comfort and outlet of love to people, yet most people "hide" their real lives from the church.

That ought to tell you something about the reputation of the church eh? Don't you think it is time we change that? Isn't it time to stand up and make a change the world around us? When are we going to stop the judging and cruelty and be the people, the Christians (followers of Christ) we were called to be?

I want to witness people running into the building and crying out for help. I want to see us reach out with love and just be the support that people need to get through life. I want to see--a change.

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