Monday, August 23, 2010

More about light switches.

If you are a dedicated reader, you have already read my last post about light switches, "I trip and fall for no good reason at all". If so, you know that I spoke about how I tend to go through life tripping and running into things when all I have to do is go to the light. With the help of the Light, things tend to be a little bit easier, not to mention less painful. Now that you know that history, I can continue on. 

I guess you guys say that P.Joe, my youth pastor, has a way with saying things that stick with me for a while. This time the light switch isn't just about you as a person tripping and falling, but about everyone around your running into things getting hurt as well. We live in a dark world where millions of people are in pain; if we were to strop and listen we would hear the cries of the people around us--it would be like hearing screams in the pitched black. What and eerie thought, but such a true one. 

Before I get ahead of myself I better take a step back. Everyone has a choice, has the ability to make a difference and become a revolution (quick shift in power). Some people believe they can change the world, while others believe that "world-changing" is impossible. Whether you believe you can change the world or not, you can make a change--even if it is just in your family or friends.

I already see minds spinning while I say this so I will go a little deeper. Whether you know it or not, the way you live your life effects those in a direct, or indirect, ripple effect around you. For example, if we are all in a pitched, black room and I turn on a flashlight, I am not the only who is going to be able to see something. With the help of my flashlight, anyone around me will be able to see better than they could before. 

I am a person who struggles with self-worth quite frequently, so hearing this message really made me think. Sometimes it is easy to believe that what I do doesn't matter in the long run; needless to say, I was proved wrong. We all have a place in this world, all made unique, unique to our Father. We all also have opportunities to shine our light, His light, to help other people out.

So readers, will you continue to sit in the dark with the screams of those around you, or will you decide to let your light shine? 

PS: Thanks to P.Joe for his awesome wisdom.

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