Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things I Love Thursday.

As you hopefully know, today is Thursday! If you are a regular reader you already know what to expect from this post, but if you are not, prepare to feast your eyes upon the loveliness of my week. (:

  • Vanilla tea- I love me some hot tea, especially when it is vanilla or earl grey, and this morning it definitely made my day.
  • Spending time with Taylor- She is just cool, ya know? I am always happy to get to spend time with her on Wednesdays, but this week was pretty nifty.
  • Trying out new recipes- This week I decided to make something that I have never attempted before: BBQ chip chicken. Even though it sounds strangely odd, I was definitely pleased to find no left-overs.
  • Spending time with the cousins- I was able to spend Sunday with the "Burger bunch", also known as my cousins! Being that most of my cousins have lived in Michigan my entire life, I can definitely appreciate having them living down here for a change. 
  • Finding my mild road rage- I have always been the "chill" driver, but we definitely began to see signs of aggravation when I had to drive 30+ minutes over 10 miles-an-hour under the speed limit! Although it was quite irritating, I am still at the point where I am happy to get any story I can about my driving experiences. :D
  • Cheesy movies with the fam.- I am the child that grew up watching the poor acting on 007 with my family, and I have been more than pleased to watch them over again with my family. 
  • The thought of football season creeping up on us!- A couple of years ago I would have killed over if I knew I would be saying such a thing, but I am more than ready to watch some football!
And now we get to the things that need no explanation.

finding time to read -- gouda cheese -- finding movies that are worth watching -- driving -- this website -- making a list of recipes to cook -- swimming -- finding new music -- this store (it's one of my favorites) -- adorable dresses 1 and 2 -- finding sheet music you forgot even existed -- dreams of the future.

I hope you guys have an amazing rest of the week!

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