Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I Love Thursday.

Oh, what an eventful week! I feel like time has flown by since last week; so have my blog postings though eh? :D Let's get this started shall we?

getting to cross something off my bucket list - how playful Soot has been this week - knowing that I will get to see my best friend in a couple of days - Robert Frost - scarves - having a conversation with friends you use to be really close to like nothing ever happened - my interesting dreams - having brilliant ides - getting complimented on my writing by someone I look up to - getting lost in worship - making home-made cupcakes with my sister - dropping a piece of one of the said cupcakes on the floor, just to turn around and see that the cat had eaten it - seeing that my favorite blogger, theoneinpink, visited my blog - marcel the shell with shoes on - talking abut dream cars, computer, and phones with my dad - sneezing in youth, while sitting on the front row, and hearing people behind me saying "bless you" - taking four pages of notes because a sermon is so good - learning that there are people who trust me and are willing to confide in me - knowing that Project Runway comes on in T-minus 43 minutes - successfully going through an algebra problem on the phone with my teacher - being happy (:

And here my friends, is a nifty photo to send you on your way.

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