Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Love Thursday.

Well, it's that time of the week again! It seems like this week has gone by extremely fast, and yet, I still feel a sense of accomplishment about my week. (: I still have tons to do yet, including the outline for a research paper, but if all goes well this week should end on a spectacular note.

Let's get this baby started!

  • My piano- I have made the decision to conquer a task that I set out for myself a little over six months ago and, as of right now, I am stoked. :D When I have finally completely this said task I will be sure and fill you in on all of the details.
  • Consequence of Sound- This lovely song has been the "song of the week" it seems, but who's complaining? (:
  • Rain- For those of you who followed my blogs back in the day on Myspace will know how much rain means to me. Beside the given of tranquility, rain brings me many memories of my late grandfather. I remember when I was growing up--we would sit out on the porch on a rainy Michigan afternoon, just to listen to the thunder and watch the rain. I would usually abandon this show after around 20 minutes. but my grandpa would continue to listen and watch for hours. So yes, good memories are brought by rain and I was happy to have plenty of it this week.
  • My parent's skill at being amazing- I am incredibly blessed to have the relationship I do with my parents and today was just another reminder of that. I spent my morning taking my father to work, after grabbing coffee, and then to breakfast and grocery shopping with my mom. It is days like this that I know that I am going to miss the heck out of them when college and life take me out of this home.
  • Memories- Lately(especially within this last week), I have gone through so many memories and I have never been so thankful for the ability to remember even the smallest things. Although most of my reminiscing has been sparked by some of my childhood friends graduating, others times have just been in conversation with my family and brother. Oh how time flies and how scary it is to realize how fast it really does.
  • Looking through the toy aisle with my brother- Today while we were at Wal-Mart my brother and I could not help but go through the toys from the new Toy Story 3. Not only are we avid fans of the original movie, but both of us cannot wait to be able to see the new addition to the Toy Story family. What made this even better is the smile that was given to us by an elderly man as we got so excited over Rex being about to "roar"(no matter how terrible the toy really sounded).
  • School Guidance Counselors- Thanks to the help of my guidance counselor, I just found out some lovely news for my school and am super excited. :D
  • Eye drops- Today I started using eye drops, and already I feel a difference with my eyes; so much so that it deserves a spot on my Things I Love Thursday. (:
I do believe that concludes today, I hope you guys enjoy reading these little tid-bits of my life and I look forward to sharing them every week! (:

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