Sunday, June 13, 2010

You know it fits; they can taste the rainbow!

As many of you guys know I enjoy learning; I would not be offended if called a geek. Some of the best things to learn about are the most random, unheard of, things. Something that I have always been fascinated with is learning about rare diseases or disorders and today I may have just found one of the most peculiar yet.

This disease I am speaking of is called Synaesthesia and has to do with the mesh of senses. People who have this disease can literally taste the rainbow. When they see letters, numbers, and musical notes, they see them as a certain color(each diagnose as his own) and they are able to taste and smell that specific color. You could actually have a conversation with one of these said people about the taste of the color green. If you are just as interested as I was, you can visit a website explaining it even more here.

Also, thanks to Twitter and OMGFacts I have diagnosed myself with a mild version of the Tetris Effect . If you have no clue what this is check it out and tell me what you think--crazy stuff. Oddly enough though, this has happened to me several time; who knows, maybe I should just lay off the Tetris. :D

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