Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dear World, Meet Soot.

Well, I think it is about time that you met one of my cats; Soot shall be first in line.

I have only been her owner for almost a year now, but it seems like so much longer. Prior to living here with me, she lived with my previous youth pastor and his lovely family. Although they didn't want to give her up, she was unable to move across the country with them.

Soot is an older cat and is indeed set in her ways. It is clear to everyone that she is boss and has to have her nose into everything. For example, I can call her name, love on her, try and play with her, etc., but if she doesn't want to acknowledge my existence, she will just go right on with staring out the window. Sometimes I think she is trying to prove a point to me, but then I remember that she is just as stubborn as the rest of us in this family. (not necessarily meant in a bad way)

Despite her attitude, she is a really sweet cat who wants my attention at the weirdest of times. For example, when I am on my laptop, she has to be on the keys of my laptop. When I am playing the piano, she has to be either on the keys where I am playing, or covering the music. When it is well past midnight and I am sound asleep in my bed, she will jump up and get as close to my face as possible. She will stand there/nudge me until I wake up; then she will give me this look that seems to say, "Oh, did I do that? I'm sorry. However, since you are up, scoot over so I have room to lay down." haha. I love this little kitty cat. (:

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