Monday, April 19, 2010

Sorry, I'm allergic!

So a couple years ago, my mom and I got the idea that I was allergic to bay leaves. We began to think this because I would get sick after eating her home-made soup, EVERY time. Long story short, bay leaves were ban from anything cooked in the house, and I was scared to try them again, due to the whole vomiting factor.

Well, tonight I was cooking dinner and decided that the whole bay leaf thing was an over-reaction, and that it wouldn't hurt any. So, I started making a tomato soup with rice, onion, garlic, bay leaf, and parm. cheese. Everything was perfectly fine until I started to cook the bay leaf; it was then that I started feeling sick. After finishing the soup I decided to taste it. Upside, it tasted quite good; downside I ended getting really sick and not being able to eat dinner.

Moral of the story children, don't eat something you know you are allergic to just because sounds/looks good at the moment. Do us all a favor and read into the previous statement more than what it means on the outside. We usually know deep inside what is good and bad for us, and a lot of the times we seem to still take that path.



Costume Queen said...

I used to have the same reaction to nuts! My uncle would always buy me Valentine's Day chocolates, I would eat them, and throw up every time. I figured it was just a weird flu bug or something, but it happened every year and every year I would tell myself that it had been a one-time thing. Found out that I am severely allergic to nuts (when I was allergy-tested, the hives on the nut areas were bigger than a quarter).

So, yes, I second your advice to stay away from foods you're allergic to even if you really want to eat it. It's not just a "one-time vomiting episode coinciding with the eating of the food in question."

Brittany Rose said...

Yes, I will definitely never do that again. I am sorry to hear someone else I know has food allergies though--it isn't much fun. lol.

Side-note, I need to get an allergy test done, because we think I am allergic to quite a bit of things. o_o

Costume Queen said...

I highly recommend getting tested for allergies. After being tested, I found out that I'm allergic to chicken, lemons, nuts, peanuts, oranges, all seafood (fish, clams, shrimp, etc.), pineapple, and much more. That's not counting the environmental stuff. You're right, they're not much fun. =/

I have eosinophilic esophagitis which is a reaction in my esophagus that can be aggravated by eating foods I'm allergic to. So, recognizing the things I'm allergic to really helped me in controlling that too.

Anyway, sorry to provide so much of my medical history, but yes. I'd recommend allergy testing at least as a way to avoid foods that could possibly cause a reaction such as the one you have to bay leaves. =)

Brittany Rose said...

Haha no appology needed; I plan on getting tested sometime. Hopefully I don't find out I am allergic to too many foods. I already know my evironmental allergies will be much longer. lol. Oh boy.