Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh boy.

I have actually learned something from Algebra! Something I am actually going to use throughout my life!

We all know that life can toss some pretty intense problems at us. There is always that missing variable to finding the solution we need. Even though the answer is right there in front of us, all mingled and tangled in the problem, we tend to be completely blind to it. That is all true until we find the correct formula we are suppose to use.

I can try all day and night to get 2 - 2 to equal 4, but it isn't going to happen unless we use the right symbol. Until we change the equation and give it a plus sign, we will still be there trying to do the impossible by ourselves.



TaylorMarie said...

You're awesome. (: :)

Brittany Rose said...

Thank you, so are you. (: