Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Futuristic Talk (not the cool time-travel type. haha)

So this week my mind has been going crazy with my thoughts on the future. Whether it be things I can only dream of happening, or things like getting married(woot!). At first it was exciting and complete happiness, but then of course there was that little voice in the back of my head that kept saying, "Really Brittany, isn't that kind of a big dream? Do you actually think you could do that?" Needless to say, it made me sick.

However, today I decided that I wasn't going to let that voice take over again.

Philippians 4:13--I want to grasp this and believe it, therefore I will begin to speak it. Hooray for positive talking/thinking!

After I decided this, I sat down at the piano and started playing a song I have been learning. It didn't take long before I just quit playing--something just wasn't right. I then just quit everything and rummaged through a bunch of my music, looking for one song in particular. After going through EVERYTHING and not finding it, I did run across a piece I started to learn last year. I started this piece around the time my piano teacher moved to Texas, and when she left, I stopped learning it. I guess it just made me sad because I missed her and her family, and because it was sort of intimidating to learn. However, today I just felt like I should play what I knew.

I completely forgot what it was like to fall in love with a piece of music--it made my day absolutely wonderful, and it gave me so much hope in what I am capable of accomplishing.

Just thought I would share. (:

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