Monday, July 12, 2010

My Dreams Unrealistic (poem)

A whistle in the wind;
A broken light in the dark.
A thought whipped mind,
Was my life from the start.

Simplicity and ease,
Their lives seem to show.
Doubt and lack of confidence,
No, not even a glow.

Impossible endings,
Are my dreams in real light.
My life it always seems,
Will never take flight.

So many options,
They say are right there,
But for me I see none,
None I even dare care.

For I only see
One choice in my life.
Behind all the clouds,
It all seems just right.

Until the day comes
When the doubted comes true,
I'll work on my seeing,
Seeing like You.

-July 8, 2010
Brittany VanAken

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