Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things I Love Thursday.

I am so tempted to turn this into a "Things I Hate Thursday", but since this is suppose to be a positive thing I won't. Let's get started eh?

  • Playing card games with the family- This is pretty self-explanatory right?
  • Being in Michigan- I love Michigan and being here is pretty refreshing. However, as much as I love the people here, doing school is deathly difficult. Also, this humidity is just not working for me. (Like Florida is any different eh?)
  • Cooking on the grill- Tonight's dinner was grilled sweet and tangy pork chops--so good! I definitely have a new favorite recipe and if you would like it click here. (: Ooh, minor changes though--I added 1/4 cup of brown sugar to the glaze, and because my pork was boneless, I cooked it a minute less on each side.
  • Writing- I have actually written three new poems since I have been in Michigan and it feels good to be doing so again. I haven't yet decided whether I will share these with my readers yet or not, but we shall see.
  • Michigan friends- I have really enjoyed spending time with my Michigan family, and I excitedly looking forward to the time I still have left here.
  • Good movies- Tonight I watched The Edge of Darkness; it was actually pretty good! I honestly really liked it, minus the fact that the actors need to learn to speak more eloquently. I still don't understand why Hollywood thinks it needs to use the F-word explicitly--or at all.
  • 21 Days After Camp- This is a devotional that was given to me at camp and I am loving it! I love when leaders care about you even when you aren't at their camp.
  • My Memaw- She's just cool.
  • Little comments that make you think- Last night I was introduced to someone by my grandma and in doing so they said, "It is nice to meet you, I've heard good things about you." I honestly want to not only know what they've heard, but who they have heard it from. Not that I am complaining of course, I'm just curious.
  • My best friend- I know she seems to make it into every "Things I Love Thursday", but I cannot help the fact that she is so great. I remember worrying about losing touch with her, but now I know that it just isn't possible. haha. :D
  • Mulberries- I tried my first mulberries today and I just have one question: Why do they call it a "bush" in "Pop Goes The Weasel" when mulberries grow on a tree?
  • This- Ah, it made my day and will make yours too! I was laughing probably more than one should at something like this. :D
Well, I think that about covers it for this week! Drop by next week, or preferably before. (:


Kat said...

I agree, your grandma is cool! =]
Thanks Bestie! I told you not to worry! You're too amazing to loose touch with!
LOL.. the mulberries. That's hilarious.

Brittany Rose said...


Amanda B. said...

Hi Brittany,
Yum! Cooking on the grill, card games with the fam and little comments that make you think are some of my favorites as well. Thanks for the info on mulberries. Had no idea. I really didn't even know they were real :)

Brittany Rose said...

It is funny how a little berry can hide from so many of us eh? (: