Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I Love Thursday.

Well, being that it is almost midnight I am just going to jump right in!

  • People that make me laugh.
  • Baking- This week has been crazy full of baking and the job will not be complete until tomorrow. I am super happy about the results so far and cannot wait to finish up.
  • The thought that I am going home soon- Don't get me wrong, I love me some Michigan, but I am missing home quite a bit. My regular schedule is calling me name and I am ready to sleep in my own bed. Aside from that I miss my parents, cat, and friends. Like I said, Michigan is awesome but it is only my second home.
  • Leap Year- No, not the actually Leap Year, but the movie. I had read reviews that made me doubt the quality of this movie, but oh were they wrong! This movie may be a bit predictable, but it crept its way up to my favorite's list quite quickly.
  • Playing cards with family- Some of my relatives came over earlier this week and we were able to get a full-out game of Hand and Foot going--it was great.
  • Getting some cool words from God.
  • Hearing my grandma brag about my cooking to others- I don't think she will ever know how great this makes me feel.
  • Watching late-night movies knowing you are going to be dead-tired in the morning.

I think this is going to conclude this being that my brain is completely fried. lol. I cannot wait to have the time to post more when I get home! Until then, goodnight!

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