Thursday, July 1, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

This week has been beyond amazing! I have spent Monday through Thursday morning at youth camp and I can honestly say that it has been completely life-changing. I can promise you that there will be some blogs soon about some of the things that really hit me.

Moving on with Things I Love Thursday though!

  • God's love- This week was extremely powerful, and I must say, God and his love made it the best it could have been. I have not only learned a ton in the last four days, but I feel like I am one step closer to being where I am suppose to be. Being comfortable in your own skin and knowing that you were created in the image of Love can change everything. (:
  • New glasses- Today I got to pick up my new pair of glasses! Although I am still adjusting to them, I am ecstatic to be able to see and have a new look at the same time! :D
  • My friends- Aside from getting to spend crazy amounts with God this week, I also got to spend time with some of my friends. I really cannot tell them how awesome they are and how thankful I am to have them around. This camp experience couldn't have been any better and I partially have them to thank for that.
  • People that truly care- I think this one pretty much just speaks for itself!
  • Being able to see so many people crying out to God at once- I can most honestly say that one of my favorite things to see is people giving up all they have just to be closer to Him. Being able to see over 400 people forget about the people around them and to really see how great our God really is, brings everything into a new perspective.
  • The Roar- The Roar is an amazing worship band that played all week at camp. Not only will I have their songs stuck in my head forever, but I will be happy about it. These guys were truly amazing and I am so thankful that they were there to help usher us in to His presence.
  • People watching- Another awesome thing about camp is the diversity of people that attend. A lot of the time while I was waiting in line to eat or waiting for service to start, I would just look around and observe people. It blows my mind how absolutely every person on this Earth has their own story; how each person is uniquely their own. I honestly believe that realizing the significance behind that is one of the most beautiful things.
Well, these were just some of the things that stuck out about my week! I do apologize that almost all of them referred to camp, but then again I am not sorry at all! This week has been almost completely perfect.

I would love to hear about your week and what you have loved about it!



Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Your week sounds amazing! :)

Brittany Rose said...

It most definitely was! Thanks for checking out my blog. (: